Oil products sale management system

Business Management Systems has developed and implemented a complex system for management of oil products sale.
The system automates the business processes – sales request, warehouse management, tax accounting.
The system provides a wide range of reports and documents, related to excise and tax reporting.
The single database gives users the opportunity to work in real time on remote work places.
The system is integrated with different information systems (Customs’ BECIS, SAP ERP and others).

System function modules

Management of the requests for sale of oil products - create, edit and delete oil product sale requests and track their execution.

Warehouse management – automates the deliveries of oil products and inventory, management.

Tax accounting – automates the processes of document issue in reference to tax and excise law.



The sales management system provides a wide range of reports and documents in reference to excise and tax law

  • Excise declaration
  • Warehouse inventory journal
  • Material reporting in reference to the Law on Excise duties and Tax warehouses (LETW)
  • Supporting administrative documents (SAD)
  • Administrative tax documents (ADD)


Integration with other systems

The sales management system is integrated with other systems via the following interfaces

  • Interface for receiving XML messages for expedition requests and sending XML messages with data about completed expeditions
  • Interface for receiving bank information about made transfers
  • Interface for sending information about made expeditions, issued invoices and excise documents towards accounting systems of counterparties
  • Interface for registration of excise documents to the Customs’ Bulgarian Excise Centralized Information System (BECIS)

Our clients

  • LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas
  • LUKOIL Bulgaria
  • LUKOIL Aviation Bulgaria
  • LUKOIL Bulgaria Bunker
  • Shell Bulgaria
  • Nafta Trading
  • Bent Oil