Process automation

Automation of a technological process is the collection of methods and means which are meant for implementation of a technological process management system, while minimizing the participation of technological personnel by providing opportunity for decision making.

Business Management Systems provides a standard solution for automation of petroleum bases, which can be adjusted towards the business process of the specific client.

Architecture of the standard solution for automation of petroleum bases

Level gauge systems Rosemount TankMaster


The Rosemount TankMaster server receives data, by FCU (Field Communication Units), of the level of oil products, pressure, layer temperature and quantity of free water in each tank. The included software does all the necessary calculations and forms the final measurement data. The Rosemount server downloads the results, formed by Rosemount TankMaster server, and visualizes them by publishing them in a WEB environment.










Operator station Unisyst DS32


Operator station Unisyst DS32 performs management and monitoring of CMI & A equipment.
















Honeywell Uniformance PHD

Honeywell Uniformance PHD is a system for collection, primary processing, transfer and storage of process data.


System for control of transport of petroleum products via pipelines

The System manages control, in real time, of the transport of petroleum products via pipelines.



Automated reporting system


The web based system for automated reporting provides users with the following data


  • Quantities per tank (hourly)
  • Material flow movements (transactions)
  • Petroleum base balance per product
  • Integration with existing information systems