B2B data transfer

The B2B model - one business organization makes a commercial deal or receives information services from another business organization or state structure.

Business Management Systems has developed B2B interfaces that transfer data from clients’ information systems. In order to automate the process of registration of electronic excise documents in Customs’ Bulgarian Excise Centralized Information System (BECIS).


The B2B interfaces with Customs’ BECIS include

  • Implementing the business model of Customs’ BECIS System for creation and registration of electronic excise documents
  • Description of the list and format of XML messages for communication between the two systems
  • Using an electronic certificate to sign communication messages
  • Authorization of user rights to transmit electronic excise documents depending on their personal electronic certificate

Benefits and Advantages

  • Optimization of the process of energy products sale
  • Maintaining a data base of registered electronic excise documents in Customs’ BECIS

Our clients


  • LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas
  • LUKOIL Bulgaria