Production reporting

 The production processes take central place in the activity of an industrial enterprise.

Business Management Systems has developed an Automated production reporting system (APRS) of the oil refining enterprise.


The architecture of the technical solution provides consolidation of the technical information from the lowest levels (CMI & A, ASMTP) and its subsequent presentation to the decision making business level.

System functionality

  • Automation of the process of information gathering for production reporting
  • Aggregation of the work shift data in order to form the daily information on production reporting
  • Aggregation of daily data in order to form the monthly information on production reporting
  • Reports generation based on the acquired information for production reporting

Users management


  • Creating and editing users
  • User identification with user name and password
  • Defining roles for access to different system functionalities
  • User authorization on a structural level of the production enterprise

System advantages

  • Automation of the process of collecting and agreeing on primary information for the production reporting needs of the oil refining enterprise
  • Information archiving and protection
  • All user actions are documented
  • A WEB based system which works on various resolution displays
  • A mobile device accessible system

Our clients

  • LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas
  • LUKOIL Bulgaria