Enterprise Content Management

Systems for management of the enterprise’s unstructured information - Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

DOCUMENTUM – the world leader in the ECM systems market. The DOCUMENTUM platform is holistic and in the same time flexible enough to answer the rising needs of business clients in respect to information management.

  • It works with different document types and files (text documents, engineering designs, XML documents, scanned images of paper documents, audio and video files)
  • Manages company documents in all stages of their lifecycle
  • Integrates with different information systems (SAP ERP)
  • Is used by more than 1400 companies around the world


Functional characteristics of Documentum


  • Management of the document creation process by utilisation of means for scanning and recognizing documents
  • Collaborative work with documents
  • Managing document versions
  • Document distribution, regulation and dynamic route determination
  • Document multilevel approval procedure;
  • Document archiving
  • Registration of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Control of execution of documents and orders
  • Reports creation
  • Searching by attribute


Documentum solutions

Business Management Systems offers the following solutions based on the DOCUMENTUM platform:

  • Intra-company document flow (ICDF)
  • E-archive of enterprise (EA)
  • Contract document flow
  • Financial document flow (Outgoing and Incoming invoices) with integration with SAP ERP

Intra-company document flow (ICDF)


Document flow – continuous process of document movement in accordance with the activity of the enterprise, which assists its effective management. The efficient management of documents is a needed component for the successful management of the company.

ICDF automates

  • Work with different document types
    • Regulatory documents - orders, instructions, decisions
    • Organizational documents - charters, organizational structures, establishment plans, job descriptions, internal decree
    • Informational-reference documents - protocols, memorandums, acts, reports
    • Incoming documents
    • Outgoing documents
  • Business processes:
    • Preparation and processing of documents
    • Control of deadlines for execution
    • Document storage
    • Document search
    • Document access in accordance with the access rights


Benefits and advantages

  • Transparency of the intra-company document flow
  • Full control over the document processing cycle
  • Consistent and reliable storage of documents
  • Fast document search by attributes and by content
  • Prevention of document losses


The E-archive (electronic archive) allows for the reliable storage of information and easy access in case of search.

The E-archive optimizes resources needed for the archive management and increases the information security of the company.

The E-archive connects the electronic and the paper document and allowing, in most cases, work with the electronic document only.


Benefits and advantages

  • Reduction in cost for information storage
  • Reliable information storage
  • Quick search for archive documents
  • Authorized access to archive documents

Contract document flow

The contract document flow automates

  • Work with all types of contract documents
    • Draft contract documents (commercial offers, tender documents etc.)
    • Contract documents (contracts, additional agreements etc.)
    • Supporting documents and primary accounting documents (invoices, acts etc.)
  • Business processes
    • Preparation and processing of draft contract documents
    • Preparation and approval of draft contracts, signing of contracts
    • Document tracking during execution of contracts


Benefits and advantages

  • Consistent and secure storage of contract documentation
  • Execution of the full cycle of electronic document flow
  • Prevention of document losses
  • Reduction of the time needed for contract processing
  • Increasing the transparency of the contract document flow
  • Increasing the level of information security

SAP ERP and DOCUMENTUM integration has been implemented.

Financial document flow (outgoing and incoming invoices) with SAP ERP integration

The storage of vast quantities of data is not only expensive but it also affects the system accessibility by lowering the operational characteristics. The management of all this data and access to it can create a lot of problems, especially when the data must be taken out of intensively used databases or from preserved, decommissioned applications.

Business management systems offers solutions based on the DOCUMENTUM platform. By implementing the integration between SAP ERP and DOCUMENTUM, the basic financial accounting documents (contracts, incoming and outgoing invoices, reporting documents etc.), processed in SAP ERP are input and stored in DOCUMENTUM. SAP ERP users can access the electronic images of the documents, which are stored in DOCUMENTUM.


Benefits and advantages

  • Reduction in costs
  • Process optimization

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