SaaS & IaaS as a Service


SaaS - Software as a Service
SaaS - providing developed software solutions to clients in the form of a service
SaaS is a software sales model, in which the vendor develops a Web-application and provides the client with internet access to it.

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
IaaS - providing an already developed infrastructure to clients in the form of a service
IaaS is an opportunity for clients to „rent“ a computer infrastructure (hardware servers, disk data storages, network equipment and so on)


SaaS & IaaS advantages:

  • No initial investment in software licenses
  • Expense savings on hardware and software
  • There is no need for a local installation of software at the client’s premises.
  • Paying for the resources, used for a certain period of time
  • Easy system access from anywhere in the world
  • Efficient collaborative work
  • Assured data security