Business Management Systems provides IT system implementation services, such as:

  • Analyzing customer requirements and planning the required resources
  • Constructing an implementation concept
  • Modelling business processes
  • Implementing functionalities
  • Expanding the incorporated standard functionality and further developing the system according to business process specifics
  • User training
  • Integration with other system


Business Management Systems provides a full range of services for support of IT systems. The company has developed a unified center for customer service. Requests and incidents are received and processed 24x7. Requests and incidents are registered both by phone as well as by the unified Web system (CA Service Desk Manager), which is accessible by each user of the IT systems.


IT systems support services:

  • Processing incidents, related to the system operation
  • System administration
  • Developing and implementing a new functionality to an existing system
  • Changing a standard functionality’s mode of operation
  • Developing new reports
  • Consulting users
  • Training users
  • Administrating user roles and access



Business Management Systems provides services for development of business applications from client technical specification.