Human Resource Management

Human resource management systems (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM) - automated systems for personnel management. In comparison with traditional systems for personnel management processes automation and payroll calculation, the HRM system has an extended functionality. Apart from reports (personnel accountability, establishment plan, document flow, work hours reporting and leaves, pension reporting etc.) and settlements (salaries, taxes and securities, benefits and commissions etc.) that process a set of quantitative data, such systems also include a direction which is designed to work with personnel quality indicators.

Gains and advantages to HRM system implementation

  • Costs management - planning and optimization of personnel costs
  • Efficient management of business processes in the field of human resource - taking staff decisions, maintaining a current establishment plan, calculating salaries, developing motivational schemes etc.
  • Conforming to all legal requirements - compliance of the personnel management processes with the regulatory framework as well as an adequate level of risk management
  • Increasing the value of human capital - developing incentive programs and motivational schemes

HRM systems and BMS

Business Management Systems has experience in the implementation and support of human resource management systems.


The systems automate the following business processes

  • Administration of employees
  • Planning and management of leaves
  • Management of work shift schedules and work time
  • Planning and administration of qualification and training
  • Payroll management
  • Management of work places and property
  • Resource planning and costs budgeting
  • Preparation of analytical reports and statements

For the purposes of financial and accounting reporting, the systems are easily integrated with other business management systems (such as SAP ERP).